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Where Technology Evolution Intersects With Ours


AI & Emerging Tech

Smarter Robots, Autonomous cars, IoT and Crypto Currencies

AI is not new but the exponential rise in computer processing power is making the impossible possible. Join us in exploring how these technologies, along with crypto currencies can reduce your costs, elevate your success and finance your business in new and exciting ways.


Futures Psychology

Embedded technology, Human behaviours, Augmented capabilities and Ethics

Technology is in our homes, schools, cars and even our bodies. Meet a real live cyborg to see first hand how humans can be augmented by biohacking with the next generation of embedded sensors and non-medical implants.


Digital Health / Augmented Humans

3D-printed body parts, Facial recognition therapies and medical tech

Powerful computers and innovative minds are creating extraordinary things. Hear how digital and genomic technologies are converging to make healthcare and treatments more personalised and precise.

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Confirmed Speakers 2018

Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Presenter - Anton Savage Show
Patrick Kramer

Dr Patrick Kramer

Chief Cyborg Officer at Vivokey
Don OLeary

Don O`Leary

Head of EU Operations / Ireland Country Lead, Stripe

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